Centric Learning Presentation at FETC Conference 2024 | Orlando, Florida
January 10, 2024
MACUL 2024
MACUL 2024 Conference Recap | Centric Learning
March 19, 2024

FETC 2024 Conference Recap | Centric Learning

January 29, 2024

Centric Learning FETC 2024 Booth Setup

We welcome back our Centric Learning team members who flew down to sunny Orlando, Florida last week to attend the Future of Education Technology Conference 2024!

FETC is an annual conference that brings together educators, administrators, and technology experts to shine their expertise on the the field of education technology. The conference, held at the Orange County Conference Center, provided a dynamic environment for thought leaders to share insights and collaborate on shaping the future of education. With a focus on cutting-edge solutions and transformative strategies, FETC served as an ideal event for Centric Learning to showcase our commitment to pushing the boundaries of virtual educational solutions.

We thank everyone who stopped by our booth last week, to chat with our team, grab a cookie, enter our Yeti Cooler raffle, and learn more about how we help students learn at the speed of life! Our team who attended, Glen Taylor (Co-CEO), Maidie Baker (Director of Curriculum & Instruction) and Sarah Kramer (Assistant Director of Curriculum & Instruction), thank everyone who also attended our presentation on how project-based learning enhances learning and motivation through real-world applications and connections! We will be back next year and can’t wait to see everyone!

If you missed the PBL session, you can view the presentation here:

Centric Learning Freebies & Info Sheets
Centric Learning Team Members – Sarah Kramer (Left) & Maidie Baker (Right)