How To Design Your Own PBL Unit

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How to use backwards design to create a PBL unit

Discovering the power of Project-Based Learning (PBL) can revolutionize your teaching approach, but diving in can feel overwhelming. That's why we've crafted a comprehensive guide to support educators like you in elevating your instructional methods with PBL.

By providing your details below, you'll unlock our FREE PBL guide. This invaluable resource offers an introduction to the concept of PBL, its proven effectiveness, and practical insights into implementing backward design for optimal outcomes. In this free guide, you'll find:

  • Project-Based Learning Overview: Understand what PBL is, its benefits, and why it's the future of education.
  • Sample PBL Project: Explore a hands-on bridge-building example project and gain assessment strategies to ensure student success.
  • Prepare Your Own Standards-Aligned PBL Unit: Step-by-step worksheet guidance to design projects that meet educational standards and engage students.

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