Credit Recovery

Accelerated learning for students to regain credits

Fast track credit attainment

Utilizing our project-based learning curriculum, students are able to gain credits by successfully passing fully auto-graded pre-tests.

"Centric Learning is incredibly flexible and intuitive. We have students coming in to work on their projects immediately and they are learning at their own pace."

Andy Carpenter, Deputy Headteacher

Plymouth School of Creative Arts, United Kingdom

Accelerated pathway to earn missing credits efficiently

High-school students who are academically behind can quickly regain credits with no down time waiting for assessments. 

24/7 online support

Our high school credit recovery program allows students to message staff within our platform for help and any other additional support.

  • Self-Mastery

  • Flexibility

  • Auto-Graded Work

  • 24/7 Messaging

  • Engagement

  • Data Analytics

  • Online Grading

  • Progress Reports

  • Academic Support

    How does it work?

    Course Pre-Test

    Students take a pre-test at the beginning of a course to determine what standards the student is already proficient in.

    Course Sequence

    Centric automatically creates a personalized sequence of projects to guide the student.

    Engaging Projects

    Students engage in real-world projects aligned to the standards of the course. Projects provide written, video, and multimedia instruction.

    Standards-Grading Tracking

    Students complete formative and summative assessments to demonstrate proficiency in course standards.

    Monitoring Progress

    Students and staff can monitor if they are off track, on track, or ahead in their course progress.

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