About Centric Learning

Centric Learning supports educators and students with our project-based learning online solutions, creating a new way of learning that has positive student outcomes for schools and districts across the globe.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is empowering a limitless future through innovative education for all.

Our mission is to provide quality, customizable project-based learning education to the world with innovative technology and programs to help teachers teach and learners learn.

Our Values

Two hands giving a handshake
Establish trust
Sprout growing up
Encourage personal growth
Closed book
Help teachers teach and learners learn
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Foster a culture of support
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Make education exciting
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Cultivate collaboration

Our Story

Beth Baker and Glen Taylor's decades-long dedication to engaging students globally led to the creation of Centric Learning. Originating with at-risk students in greater Detroit, their project-based learning approach met students where they were, transforming traditional education. This effort evolved into a learning management technology, offering a highly engaging platform with a comprehensive adaptable curriculum.

Centric Learning is more than passionate educators; it's a mission to change the way we learn for the better, placing teachers and students at the center of education. With a passion for enriching the human experience, Centric Learning continues to develop real-world global solutions for superior educational outcomes. Join us in shaping the future of learning.

"Centric Learning helped our school fill a niche for students who have become disenfranchised with the traditional model. It allows students who need to be able to work at a pace they can control."

David Kindt, Principal

Watervliet Public Schools, Michigan

Leadership Team

Beth Baker

Glen Taylor

Darrell Wanamaker
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Tony Huckeby
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Maidie Baker
Director of Curriculum & Instruction