We’ve built an exciting, integrated portfolio of curriculum, teaching and learning tools, dynamic learning platform and training. These programs can be used by your teachers, or our community of certified, caring instructors. Our award-winning content and curriculum are accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvancED).


Centric Learning
Micro School

Centric Learning Micro School was launched with small learning cohorts that have live lessons with engaged licensed teachers. They interact in a learning environment enriched by an engaging inquiry-based curriculum, and a variety of projects, activities and assignments built around the way students learn, not the way we decide to teach them. This curriculum is accredited by Cognia, which means students complete their coursework with the confidence they can meet their future with the 21st-century skills needed for our globally connected wired workplace.

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Summer Success
& After School

Programs that assist students in recovering credit through an engaging, project-based curriculum that is tailored to the student’s specific learning needs.

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Centric platform is unlike any learning system. It integrates the curriculum with assessment, communication tools and learning resources. This makes the teaching and learning experience for both teachers and students engaging, intuitive and robust. Teachers and students don’t spend their time learning how to navigate the technology, they spend their time teaching and learning.

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Centric Learning

Centric Learning Academy is an accredited program for students that uses an engaging project-based learning curriculum, and our state-of-the-art educational technology to create a robust learning experience. Our award-winning program is game changing for students. Learning created around their learning style. Teaching delivered with engaging tools and resources.

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Formerly WAY American School

Centric Learning
American School

For global students who are considering learning abroad after high school, Centric Learning American School is a perfect choice. It’s been developed with a U.S. accredited curriculum, highly trained licensed teachers, and easy to use online tools and resources. Students can earn an accredited high school diploma, preparing themselves and setting the stage for pursuing college and careers anywhere on the globe.

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Centric Learning
Professional Services

Our founders, Beth Baker and Glen Taylor have spent their careers developing effective learning utilizing instructional resources found at PBL works. Project-based learning forms the instructional basis upon which our teaching and learning tools have been developed. Centric Learning Professional Services was built for teachers and administrators who want to learn more about how to use project-based learning in the classroom, or how to develop and enhance their own PBL curriculum. We provide free training and professional development to our partner clients. We also offer a range of training and professional development services for schools and educational programs. We collaborate in the U.S. and around the world to create customized training and engaging professional development for teachers and administrators who want to unleash the power of project-based learning with their students.

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