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March 28, 2024

In the realm of education, gamification, which employs game elements to stimulate and enrich learning experiences, has been a familiar concept. However, the array of online gamification tools and opportunities continues to expand steadily.

Gamification in Education

In the dynamic landscape of education, teachers at Centric are constantly innovating to make learning more captivating and interactive. One method they frequently employ is the integration of games into live classes, leveraging them to not only captivate students but also to inspire active participation. Whether orchestrating class-wide competitions or facilitating small group games, the use of games serves as potent “brain sparks” – an effective precursor to diving into lesson content, reviewing material, or simply injecting a bit of enjoyable diversion into the classroom.

Educational Gamification Research

Research underscores the efficacy of challenge-based gamification in e-learning, with studies indicating potential improvements in educational outcomes by as much as 89.45% (Science Direct). Growth Engineering’s insightful report, “Why fun in learning works better than dull learning,” elucidates the profound impact of fun on motivation levels and the learning process itself. It underscores that a fun learning experience not only fosters curiosity but also cultivates a sustained desire for knowledge acquisition and retention. Conversely, it emphasizes that without an element of enjoyment, learning loses its effectiveness.

Centric Teacher Approved Gamification Tools

To facilitate the incorporation of gamification into educational practices, Centric teachers have curated a selection of their favorite online games suitable for middle and high school students. Ranging from subscription-based platforms to freely accessible resources, these games offer diverse avenues for student engagement and learning enhancement. Among the recommended options are:

For those seeking a quick brain break intertwined with social impact, a trivia game on FreeRice.com presents an enticing option. With each correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated through the United Nations World Food Programme, making learning not only enjoyable but also altruistic.

Furthermore, educators in search of additional inspiration can explore resources from Ditch That Textbook and Educators Technology, both offering valuable insights and tools to gamify the classroom experience.

Thinking Outside of the Box

Beyond the digital realm, educators are encouraged to think creatively about incorporating games into virtual settings such as Zoom. From classic favorites like Mad Libs and Charades to innovative activities like subject-object correlations in chat, the possibilities are vast. Alternatively, stepping outside for a basketball game can offer an immersive avenue for exploring mathematical and scientific concepts in a refreshing outdoor environment.

In conclusion, games serve as catalysts for engagement, interaction, and learning enhancement in the classroom. By integrating them into educational practices, educators can unlock new dimensions of student motivation and academic performance. So, why not hop on this exciting journey of gamification, infuse your classroom with fun, and reap the rewards of enriched learning experiences?

Michelle Hucal - Director of Sales & Marketing

Michelle Hucal, Centric Learning’s Director of Sales and Marketing, brings a wealth of experience from her background as a journalist-turned-educator based in Michigan.