pH Tijuca

December 2, 2021

Evolution (Student Showcase)

In my opinion I think people should read my science fictional story, because is about a “new” specie of a giraffe who underwent some mutations and ended up being able to talk to humans. Joaquim Cobucci
November 24, 2021

Party Planning (Student Showcase)

It’s time to Party! The party is going to be run on Friday, 4th of December, with all Middle School Ph students (Botafogo, Barra, Freguesia, Tijuca and Icaraí), divided by class shifts: Morning and Afternoon. Let’s work in collaboration? For this Final Product you will need to choose which category you would like to work on. In the following file you will work in collaboration with students from other classes, […]
November 7, 2021

Civil Rights Magazine (Student Showcase)

The main idea was to create a digital magazine in order to punctuate better the topics and to simplify the reader’s comprehension in order to make it more accessible. My goal was to pay homage to some of those who fought for civil rights during the ’60s. The issues cover MLK, Rosa Parks, and the 1967 riots, how they helped to change history and how they still influence our lives […]
November 4, 2021

The Need for a Change (Student Showcase)

It is a newspaper magazine that desires to portray more on the Civil Rights Movement. What it was and who were those that played important roles in it but, unfortunately, did not get the representation that they deserve in the big media. Larissa Rocha
November 3, 2021

Final Product- The Truth Behind The Lyrics (Student Showcase)

This final product is about analyzing songs and literary elements. My goals were to give another perspective of the importance of lyrics and to introduce the songs I most like. People should watch this presentation because has a lot of search and love in it.Gabriela Guimaraes Student Product   More Details Centric Project truth behind lyrics Content Area English Language Arts Teacher David Chen School pH Tijuca Country Brazil
November 3, 2021

Economy in Crisis (Student Showcase)

The main subject of my final product is to show the two biggest crises the U.S has ever faced, the great depression and the great recession. Doing this final product I realize that all countries faced a time of crisis. However, some of them, U.S included, are able to get out of them. In my view, people should read it because it was one of my best final products and […]
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