pH Barra

November 21, 2022

Maria’s bookbinding (Student Showcase)

In this product, I am presenting how you can be finnacially independent by creating your own bussiness. It is a detailed description about my professional profile describing my intended audience, my spendings and my goals in a near future. Even though it is only on paper, it is ready to put in action. Maria Mariana de Araujo
December 2, 2021

Rotate & run final products. (Student Showcase)

Your task in this final product is to make a public service announcement or PSA. Your PSA needs to answer the question, “How do we make sure natural resources are available to everyone?” The work you have done in the steps and modules of this project should have laid the ground for you to understand that the sun powers the processes on earth and those processes make resources. Eduardo Santos
December 2, 2021

Evolution (Student Showcase)

Throughout this project you have been comparing organisms from the past to organisms on Earth now and predicting what an organism from the future might evolve to look like. Now using that data you have developed and the information you have gathered, you will write a science fiction story about your futuristic organism and how it evolved to be well suited to the environment of Earth 10,000 years from now. […]