November 17, 2022

Helping Lake Erie (Student Showcase)

My final product is an idea on how we can help the lake erie fertilizer problem. my goal was to spread info about the problem with over fertilization in lake erie. people should listen to the idea because lake erie has lots of problems because of fertilizer killing the ecosystem Joshua Feldt
November 15, 2022

Home Run Physics (Student Showcase)

It is a video on how force, mass, gravity and weight work together to make baseball the way it is. My goals were to make an awesome video that people would enjoy it when watching it. People should watch it because it is saying all the cool science behind baseball and I feel that if people like baseball and they learn the science behind it, then they might even like […]
December 2, 2021

Rotate & run final products. (Student Showcase)

Your task in this final product is to make a public service announcement or PSA. Your PSA needs to answer the question, “How do we make sure natural resources are available to everyone?” The work you have done in the steps and modules of this project should have laid the ground for you to understand that the sun powers the processes on earth and those processes make resources. Eduardo Santos
December 2, 2021

PSA: The scarcity of water around the world (Student Showcase)

My final product is a PSA, It’s a short video talking about the scarcity of water around the world. The objective of this PSA is to encourage people to save water. It’s important to people to know what’s going on our planet and if we can do something about it. Isabela Hack
December 2, 2021

Evolution (Student Showcase)

Throughout this project you have been comparing organisms from the past to organisms on Earth now and predicting what an organism from the future might evolve to look like. Now using that data you have developed and the information you have gathered, you will write a science fiction story about your futuristic organism and how it evolved to be well suited to the environment of Earth 10,000 years from now. […]