November 30, 2021

Rules of the Road (Student Showcase)

This is a personal finance project. I was tasked with reviewing and understanding various aspects of credit. People should check this out because credit is a big part of everyone’s life. Morgan Porter
November 30, 2021

Mustang Connect The Dots (Student Showcase)

My assignment was to make a connect the dot around an image and I chose a 69 Boss 302 Mustang as my base. I had to manually type in the coordinates of each point and in total took me a half hour to figure it out and type all 90+ points. Mitchell Stanley
November 16, 2021

Technology timeline (Student Showcase)

In this final product, I show a little about how technology has evolved throughout history. Juliana Uratsuka
October 28, 2021

Understanding Money – For Children (Student Showcase)

In this Final Product, I made a child’s book to explain the American Economic System, explaining taxes and investments. I tried to make it the most simple and friendly to children, being an easy text to understand, with funny animations that would entertain the child reader.Enzo Cassettari Thomaz Student Product   More Details Centric Project Taxes and Such Content Area Mathmatics Teacher Clayton Lovett School Marista Santa Maria Country Brazil
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