Texas Schools: We take the planning out of HB 4545

We all start out with curiosity and instinctual intelligence.

But then what?

How do we maintain the intellectual curiosity of a child as we get older? What if we could let each individual choose where, when and how they cultivate their intellect? Create their own learning pathway?

We can at Centric Learning.

Centric Learning is powered by our proprietary Centric platform. It’s an intuitively designed system that allows for personalized learning by integrating curriculum and assessment. We use an instructional approach based on project-based learning to take students beyond the confines of today’s school systems.
Nobody provides a more seamless and powerful way to engage students. Just ask our students. At Centric Learning we are committed to the success of learners everywhere, it is the core of our company.
It’s not just a promise:

see the proof for yourself

those we care about

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Centric has partnered with states, public schools, charter schools and other institutions to provide the right type of education for your child no matter where they are in the US or across the globe.

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