What Teachers Love About Project-Based Learning

The Advantages of Online Learning
September 30, 2021
Centric Learning Practices What They Preach
September 30, 2021

Juliana Parente, ELA Teacher at Centric Learning, shares her positive insights about Project Based Learning.

First of all, it allows me to meet students where they are at and to tailor my lessons to their needs. Another essential fact about PBL is that it empowers students as protagonist learners, who are actively engaged in their learning process.

I also find it to be a more effective teaching methodology than the old read, memorize and test ones, as students are able to express their voice and choice, making the projects authentic means of learning.

Working with projects means applying the content to real-world experiences and students love learning when they see use to what they’re learning. And that’s one of my goals as a teacher: to make sure students love learning.

Watch the video above.

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