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September 30, 2021
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October 8, 2021

Connor Wiebel, Social Studies teacher at Centric Learning, talks about how Project-Based Learning is much more than teaching from textbooks.

The reason why I really love project-based learning is because you really get hands-on with your students. You are doing interactive activities more so than just teaching from textbook. You’re actually creating useful material, you are skill-based teaching. You are able to interact with your students and actually build those relationships through more than just question and answer. You are actually physically creating things with them.

That’s why I really love project-based learning. Again, it’s a really great experience, it’s a much more interactive way to learn, it’s a much more interactive experience in the classroom. It really helps students to have a stake in what they are working on. Because they are actually coming out with a project, a hands-on piece of media: print media, news media, speeches, you name it. They come out with some product at the end that they can kind of put their stamp on, put their own choice on. That’s why I love project-based learning overall.

Watch the video above.

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