The Power of Technology & Quality Education

#06 – Empowering Students to Design their own Future
July 1, 2021
What to expect this school year
August 26, 2021
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Fabio Reis, Marketing Coordinator at Centric Learning, talks about the power of technology in making online education an amazing venue for students and educators post-pandemic.

I believe that we learned some important lessons during this pandemic. One is that technology really is a great tool to use together with education, right? Another is that what is really important in education is not exactly how much time students spend in front of their computers studying, or even inside the classroom, but the quality of that time.

So I believe that in the post-pandemic world we will see parents and students betting even more on online education, be it full-time or in a blended learning model. At the same time, I’m pretty sure also that schools have noticed the benefits of online education, be it in the US, here in Brazil, or all over the world.

We can see that schools are searching for the best methodologies and educational platforms to deliver their curriculum online in a way that can help their students to thrive, and we have been doing that for the last 10 years or so. So if you believe in this, send us a message and let’s talk about the future of our schools.

Watch the video above.

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