Ron Stefanski talks about the challenges of standardizing assessments

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March 18, 2021
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March 29, 2021
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Ronald Stefanski, Centric Learning’s Executive Director of Partnerships, participated on EdTech Industry roundtable, where he had the opportunity to talk about the best ways of standardizing assessments.

The roundtable was focused on the future of assessment and, when asked “how do you find a standard metric across [all school districts in the United States? Or can you?”, Ron Stefanski answers:

“When you look at assessment, I think there’s a movement toward competency-based assessment, and I think it’s because it’s a more authentic representation of that well-prepared student… where we say ‘these are the skills or competencies that we expect you to have to be able to take on another body of work or another level of rigor in your instruction, whether or not it’s liberal arts or whether or not it’s in a technical field’.

He continues: “As we built our own assessment… we look at the rubrics or the strands of those things that we want students to be competent doing – how they evaluate text, how they evaluate a certain body of information, how they problem solve – and then build a series of rubrics that provide a more meaningful assessment both to the student, but also for the benefit of the instructor, having delivered it, so they know, ‘Wow, I was successful at delivering this’, or ‘facilitating this kind of learning that i wanted to have happen in my classroom’.”

Watch the video below:

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