PBL: Interesting, Unique, and Meaningful

PBL: An adaptive and dynamic way to reach students
September 21, 2021
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September 21, 2021
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Clayton Lovett, Social Studies teacher at Centric Learning, discusses how Centric Learning’s tools allow for instructional flexibility and agility through Project-Based Learning.

What I love about PBL, specifically the type of PBL that we can teach using Centric’s projects and platform is that teachers are allowed to meet students where they’re at and then walk with those students in a variety of directions that are based on their skill level, their needs, and their interests.

PBL allows for instructional flexibility and agility and these things are enhanced by the tools that Centric provides us to serve our students with. This not only allows us to help students scaffold from and to a variety of different skill levels but it allows students to develop those similar skills in a way that’s interesting, unique, and meaningful to them.

Watch the video above.

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