PBL: An adaptive and dynamic way to reach students

Why I love Centric Learning
September 21, 2021
PBL: Interesting, Unique, and Meaningful
September 21, 2021

Davi Wickert, Teacher Assistant at Centric Learning discusses why he likes Project-Based Learning.

I have been working with Project-Based Learning for over three years now and it just astonishes me how easy it is to adapt the project that you’re working on to any student need. If you feel like one of your students could improve in a specific subject area or develop a different ability, you just have to add another step in that student’s project.

That being said, I also realized that since Covid 19 happened, it took us only about a week to go from the classroom to a fully online environment. And project-based learning shows that it’s easy to work within an online environment as well. It’s just a great way to work with your students and they learn in a more dynamic way, and you, as a teacher, you improve your interpersonal skills and you also learn more, because it is a methodology that makes you interact a lot with your students.

There is feedback on projects, they have to display uh final products and make them public to the rest of the class, and this just prepares them to the abilities they actually gonna need if they’re gonna be in the real world. So that’s why it develops 21st-Century Skills as we say.

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