Glen Taylor talks about engaging students with PBL

#04 – Rethinking What’s Normal in Education
May 6, 2021
School of Thought: n.13
May 20, 2021
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Glen Taylor, Co-CEO of Centric Learning, spoke recently about engagint opportunity students.

“I think one of the key factors in working with opportunity youth is creating a very student-centered, authentic caring, environment”. He mentions that Centric Learning has taken the time to think through and identify what are the key barriers that students might face from from a variety of different factors.

“Sometimes they’re multiple years behind educationally, so we look at building projects that are cross-curricular, that would allow them opportunities to move forward in a faster fashion and accelerate their learning.”

As an educational company, Centric Learning creates environments that really maximize hybrid learning, with small groups of students online where they have a full opportunity to really engage with a certified teacher that can also individualize projects if a student has a certain interest.

“There’s nothing stopping our staff from adding some of those components that are really going to grab the student’s attention and keep them engaged, and our staff does a wonderful job of connecting with those students.”

Watch the video above.

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