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Ensuring future-ready learning to students
September 1, 2021
School of Thought n.03: Is school choice a silver bullet?
September 16, 2021
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At Centric Learning, we’re passionate about learning and dedicated to growth both inside and outside of the classroom. Life and learning are a continuous process and go hand in hand, which is why our learning platform is established to create ease of accessibility for every student, no matter where they are.

Enriching the human experience is our mission. That is why our distinct six-step approach ensures our students are successfully prepared with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience to enter the real world and thrive within their communities. We have over 500 cross-curricular project-based learning projects and 50 courses expertly designed to promote critical thinking, engagement, knowledge retention, and a deeper understanding through active learning experiences.

Through these projects, both students and teachers have voice and choice. Students choose projects that spark their interests and ignite their passions, and teachers are able to easily modify the curriculum to best serve their students learning needs. Our competency-based learning is self-paced, flexible, and driven to ensure state and national standards are met while allowing students to excel at their own pace.

At Centric, our highly qualified educators and staff are dedicated to our student’s professional and personal development. We understand they are more than students and we encourage them to pursue their passions and purpose. Ongoing staff and teacher training allow us to continually improve and evolve within our organization to pivot our curriculum for current needs and educational standards.

At Centric, we believe in strong parent engagement and have created an infrastructure that promotes ongoing instructor and parent communication so that everyone is up to date on student progress. We understand each student is unique and requires continual support for optimal performance. Our customizable solutions meet the learning needs of all students through mentoring tutoring and accelerated programs.

A 21st-century approach guarantees students have the comprehension and competency required to succeed in the future. We also offer college advisors to prepare students to continue their learning careers. We are committed to cultivating their continual curiosity to ask, learn, grow, problem solve, and explore.

Centric is unlike any learning platform in the world, integrating curriculum with assessment, communication tools, and learning resources. Our framework fosters a holistic approach to learning. Not only do we focus on your child’s learning needs, but we also ensure they are socially and emotionally prepared to flourish in the real world.

We are educators on a mission to improve the learning experience.

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