Centric Learning Practices What They Preach

What Teachers Love About Project-Based Learning
September 30, 2021
What do you love about PBL
September 30, 2021

David Chen, a teacher at Centric Learning, talks about his perceptions on how Centric Learning’s PBL delivers what it promises.

I truly do enjoy teaching here at Centric Learning. Why? Because they do practice what they preach, which is the Project-Based Learning method, or the PBL practices. This is truly important because, why? In my lifetime, I felt like I was not prepared. In most jobs, many careers and in college, most students have to work together to collaborate, to fulfill an assignment or a project.

Unfortunately for me, when I grew up and when I went to high school, we still worked on memory over learning and once I got into the real world I had to learn these skills. Therefore I feel like this platform does really help students for the future. At the same time, students can work at their own pace due to their busy lifestyles.

Also, teachers can tweak their projects based on the student needs and levels, whether they’re IEP students, ELLs, Honors, or GenEd. And so this is the reason why I continue and enjoy working at Centric because it is truly student-centered. at Centric Learning we really care about the students.

Watch the video above.

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