A Message To All WAY Students

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December 6, 2021
A Special Message for the Class of 2021
December 17, 2021

Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Centric Learning, Maria Topliff send a message to the Centric Learning students at the end of 2021.

Hello WAY students! If you don’t know me, my name is Maria, I’m the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for WAY and Centric Learning and I just want to give you guys a big round of applause, because you have done so amazing this past year. I have been hearing wonderful things from your teachers and your mentors and your parents.

In a difficult time when the pandemic is still pretty high, you guys have thrived! You’ve been creating great content, great lessons. I’ve seen some awesome work with portfolios as well as essays. Your artifacts are absolutely top-notch and it just really makes me proud to know that you guys have been working so hard regardless of what’s going on in our global climate. We have really honed in and done the work and you guys have so much to be proud of. So we thank you for everything that you’re doing.

I believe that this past year has been a total success and it’s because of your hard work and your collaboration with your peers as well as your teachers and your mentors. So thank you for everything that you’ve done, congratulations on another year gone by. We’re excited to have you again if you’re coming back. If you’re graduating, we can’t wait to hear about all the wonderful things you’re doing after graduation. Please stay in touch. We want to know what our way students are doing in the future, because we have such high hopes for you and know that you’re going to do great things.

Take care, everyone.

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