Marista Sao Jose Montes Claros

December 2, 2021

Be Your Own Boss (Student Showcase)

This final product is about being your own boss. It helps people to understand what it takes to be their own boss, like the qualities that the person need, the dificulties, advantages and disadvantages. People should read it, because it helps the person to have some guidance in starting their own business. Letícia Veloso
December 2, 2021

Beauty and capitalism (Student Showcase)

The project’s proposal was to prepare a letter with the aim of exposing, based on what was worked and discussed throughout the project, the main guidelines and the respective perspectives on the submission of aesthetics with the standards imposed on capitalism. Based on this, it is understood that this is a project that addresses an important and very recurrent theme these days, and reflection on the causes and consequences in […]
December 2, 2021

What’s your worst nightmare? (Student Showcase)

The main goal was to write a horror story, but in an innovating way, so I added a little bit of fantasy (a genre that I really enjoy reading). In this extent, the story is more interesting and compelling. Tayna Nascimento
October 21, 2021

WWII Newspaper (Student Showcase)

This final product is a newspaper about World War II, and some timelines as complements. My goal by creating this was informing people about these tragic but important events in a creative and didactic way, by simulating that the paper was from past decades and inserting readers into this reality. People should read it because everybody must know about the past, since it is very important getting to know it […]
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