“You will learn more about responsibility, education, and emotional control”

“I started to realize that in-person classes caused me so much stress and I did not want to go back”
June 10, 2022
“It helped me both educationally and psychologically because every day I learn something new” by Sophia Magaldi
July 25, 2022

My name is Tiago Frade Trindade, I am 14 years old, and I live in Belém, Pará, Brazil. I study at Marista and at Centric Learning, where my focus is on studying English. I consider it the best American learning school ever, and I will show everything about it.

At first, it is necessary to understand that the Centric Learning program is different from any other. Here, we have an online way of teaching, where we are supposed to complete projects, full of activities, online. There are so many projects, each one with its
number of modules and steps. Second, understand that in the program, we are capable of learning even more than just English. American History, economy, and finances are some examples of things that you also can learn at school. After you complete the percentage required by the program doing these projects, you will receive an American certificate. Third, many people think that the program is just for academic uses. It certainly isn’t. At Centric Learning, you will learn even more about responsibility, education, and
emotional control. The staff that works at it is great and can help with everything.

After all, we can conclude that the best option for anybody is Centric Learning. I truly recommend it for everyone, with no exceptions.

Tiago Trindade

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