“This is the story of how Centric Learning changed my life” by Amarae Williams

2022 Halloween Contest at Centric Learning
October 13, 2022
“Centric Learning will open many doors for me in the future” by Eduarda Gueiros
October 21, 2022

My name is Amarae Williams. I was born and raised in a little town called Coloma, in Michigan. I’m 17 and I attend Watervliet WAY High School. Growing up I never liked school, no matter how hard I tried I always struggled with learning so I never enjoyed school, thought maybe I was just dumb but all that changed when I was introduced to Centric Learning. I was no longer dumb, I became someone, the person I wanted to be. This is the story of how Centric Learning changed my life. 

 I heard about Centric from my school counselor. I joined Centric Learning my 11th grade year, which was at the start of this year. I’m 17 and will graduate as an 11th grader. I’ve been a part of Centric Learning for 4 months.I decided to give Centric a try because I wanted to further my education. Before I switched to Centric I attended a traditional High School. I switched schools because Centric for me was a way to not only do school but to actually learn and do it at my own pace looking for a higher quality education, and Centric was the way for me, though I’ve never thought about online schooling being Centric was more than perfect for me which really caught me off guard. But nevertheless, Centric learning is very effective. I love centric learning because it’s a way of learning that tends to the student giving the student the ability to not only comprehend what he is learning but to also learn quickly 

Centric learning has helped me personally in the sense that I’m able to learn at my own pace and because of this I’m able to retain more information and learning becomes easier. I think project-based learning is the most efficient way to learn. Being able to work on my own time is also a big help. The grading evaluation style this program uses helped me the most. The staff is very quick and good at what they do. 

Before I became a part of Centric I didn’t take school seriously, I felt dumb. After I joined Centric I actually started learning and school wasn’t so bad for me, I now enjoy learning, I no longer feel dumb, I feel smart. And that’s how Centric changed my life. After high school I plan to attend a trade school for electricity, then later on pursue studies that can lead me to becoming a real estate agent. 

Amarae Williams

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