“Centric Learning will open many doors for me in the future” by Eduarda Gueiros
October 21, 2022
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November 15, 2022

“They truly want what’s best for their students and they work so hard” by Zoe Brevick

October 27, 2022

Hey, are you looking for a new online school? Well, my name is Zoe and I’m from Detroit, Michigan. Today I’m going to tell you all about Centric Learning. They are an online academy, I happen to go to high school there. I have been nothing but happy with how everything is starting to turn out for me. The staff is amazing not to talk about the website itself and how everything is organized and easy to locate and determine.

So, first things first I wanna talk about scheduling flexibility. They have all different kinds of times you can take classes to fit around your schedule however you need it to. Starting from morning all the way to late afternoon. They even have late-night tutoring sessions available for people who may need them. They make everything so easy to work they even make contacting someone for extra help or any issue super easy.

The second thing I want to bring to your attention is project-based learning which is the type of work we do. All of our assignments are broken down into project forms, with multiple steps and modules. The way it works is each step has its own set of questions as long as links with articles and videos to help you understand what you’re working on. This is to make it easier for grading the student. You immediately get your grade back and have the option to go back and fix anything you could’ve messed up.

The last thing I want to bring to talk about is the staff. They all have their own characters and personalities. They truly want what’s best for their students and they work so hard. Every single staff member I’ve ever talked to has had the best intentions for me and my education and wanted nothing but to help me get where I needed to be. They truly are a super strong group of people and they make everything work even with their crazy schedules and their own home lives.

Overall, I feel that Centric learning is a great option for anyone who is looking to try something new with their education even if it’s hard to learn through a computer for a lot of people this program really made me comfortable working online with my computer. If you ever find yourself stuck looking for an online academy this is the one for you there are so many pros to this program that you just can’t look past it so i hope you give centric a chance and try it out for yourself or your family.

Zoe Brevick