“The English language, which can be difficult for some people, becomes a fun aspect of studying” by Tiago Cruz

“I love Centric Learning because it helps my flexibility” By Sydney Morrow
December 19, 2022
“I feel included and trusted here” by Damian Smith
December 19, 2022

Centric is a student program that helps you learn English in a didactic and non-tiring way. This study method favors not only learning the fundamentals of the English language, but also learning about other social areas, such as history, politics, economics, and citizenship. Therefore, this platform teaches you about society so that you also get the basics of English on your journey.

Centric is a platform that focuses on teaching the English language. But, due to the way English is taught, students end up learning other knowledge, such as history, citizenship, and economics. Therefore, in the projects developed by centric teachers, we manage to assimilate our daily lives with the foreign language and, in addition, some guidelines studied here on the platform can help in the contents of Brazilian high school. Due to this teaching structure, the centric method becomes a differential so that the platform’s adherence is increasing.

In addition, centric, in addition to bringing general knowledge together with English language knowledge, manages to win over its students through the freedom involved in the learning process, since we are free to work on our projects at flexible hours and with online service personalized with the teacher. Thus leaving the experience of making English better.

Bearing in mind the benefits of centric, we realized that all these factors make the learning process through the platform less tedious, interesting, and creative. In this way, the English language, which can be difficult for some people, becomes a fun aspect of studying.

Finally, there is no doubt that in view of these facts, the investment in the centric platform will bring results, not only related to English, but also to the knowledge of the world that is provided to us through the foreign language.

Tiago Cruz