“I started to realize that in-person classes caused me so much stress and I did not want to go back”

Student’s Voice & Choice in a Blended Learning Environment
June 10, 2022
“You will learn more about responsibility, education, and emotional control”
June 10, 2022

Hello, I am Salvador and I think centric is the next step to finally changing the school system.  Now you might say, In-person is better for students who can’t focus! Well, I am here to tell you that I am one of those students that can not focus.

Let me explain I joined Centric about two years ago so around 2021 because I was going into my junior year. But then I got a message from the principal to talk to them. But I didn’t think much of it at the time I wasn’t worried. Then I got told I didn’t have enough credits for school in person that I would have to join Centric. So I did that and after doing work in this way for a while they said in Centric I only needed 20 credits and I thought that was amazing! So later on I missed my friends and then asked how many credits do I need to go back for the first semester. I got told I need 22.6 and I was shocked not because of what I needed but because it is what the teacher said after. They said that “ I am not sure that could be done”. So I thought to myself that I couldn’t do it so I stayed back and started doing less work but realized that Centric was better.

Centric was to not rush you but to fit the students because when I was doing my work I was not stressed. I would go at my own pace and do my work. Then I started to realize that when in-person has caused me so much stress I did not want to go back. I think a student’s mental state should be first and that’s what centric did because the teachers would check up on me. Just asking a simple question what do you plan on working on next not nagging or yelling about homework. Just asked what will you do next and they were calm about it which meant that I could do work that fit my schedule. So that’s when I made school work fit my schedule and it took a lot of stress off my back. Because I like to work out a lot so when I could just do some homework before sessions it is amazing I don’t have to keep worrying about it the next day. Because at school, work would be due the next day and you would only have one night.

But that’s what I like about the way we have to do things on project bases because I like to work on projects they’re more of a challenge. But also when I know the project is a part of my credit it helps me know what to do next because being able to see what I earn is very important to me. Because  I like to see what I get after getting something done so I know what I should do next. So I feel like this is the school that fits the students not the other way around. Because students want to live their own lives so this just teaches them without forcing them to do things to pass a class. But also the staff help me pick out the work if I need to find one and I can’t choose one.

So that leads me to about centric their so many good things about this that can help kids to grow. Because this use Technolgy to help kids search up and make a project for the kids.  Overall this is for sure the next step for the young I hope I get to see this become a new way of learning and kids get more offered to try this new way of learning.

Salvador Chavez

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