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November 21, 2022
“The English language, which can be difficult for some people, becomes a fun aspect of studying” by Tiago Cruz
December 19, 2022

“I love Centric Learning because it helps my flexibility” By Sydney Morrow

December 19, 2022

My name is Sydney, and I’m a user of Centric Learning schools. I’m from Michigan, US. My favorite subject in school is art, and my least favorite is math. My future goals are to go to college and work as a psychiatric nurse. I have extreme anxiety. I’m completely online and I think that CL is the best online school.

I moved towns, like two hours away from my old school. And I was going into Mount pleasant public schools, but the school was way too big and way too stressful for me to handle. So, we looked at our options and found Centric Learning. I had been in an online school before, K12 schools, and it had helped me a lot, by isolating me from a few toxic friends and settling me in a more positive environment. So, I decided to join Centric Learning. I was in my junior year, a few weeks into school, I was 16, still am, when I decided to join CL. CL is nothing like other online classes or schools. It’s a project-based Learning. Meaning you learn based on how many projects you can finish. Or you can do a project a week. You can go either online or online in person. CL helps me a lot.

I’ve been with centric learning for a few months now. I love Centric Learning because it helps my flexibility and if I need time away from school due to sickness, I can decide to stay off for a while. I’ve started having a lot more time. Like most of the day is all free. I don’t have to worry about bus rides or how I’m getting to home/school. I’ve also started drinking more water, since I don’t have to worry about where I’m getting water from or how much money it costs. Not to mention you can actually learn from the projects instead of half learning and having most of the knowledge you had, gone during summer. CL is all year, even during summer. So therefore, I’ve become healthier. And it has changed my life completely.

Centric learning has made me go way ahead of my old school peers, and I’ve been able to get healthier and work on my anxiety better. The online features helped me the most. The staff are all really nice and helpful. The projects can be fun, and they actually teach you stuff. So therefore, I’ve become more healthy and mentally prepared for life after school. You can graduate early based on how much work you do. You will become more mentally prepared for life.

I recommend Centric Learning to other students because you can work completely at your own pace. Your health will go up, and you can graduate earlier if you try hard enough. CL is a different experience of Highschool. It gives a better experience by you learning better, get help on projects easier and helps reduce anxiety.

Sydney Morrow