“I learned a lot without stressing myself out”

“No one gets left behind in class”
November 18, 2021
“I love it because it’s flexible”
November 18, 2021
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I think that the ability to speak a second language is something that opens up new opportunities, whether it’s to get a job or even just to take a trip and be able to communicate. Knowing this, I wanted to improve my English, and when my school presented the chance to join this system, I soon became interested. The idea of having classes with American teachers was incredible! Even though I’m from Montes Claros, a very small town in Minas Gerais [Brazil], during these two years I was able to have contact with someone who has English as their first language.

The system gives you several projects that help you in various areas. I realised that in addition to learning English, I was learning many other things. In addition, the opportunity to take classes 100% online helped me a lot, each individual has a different routine, and the ability to adapt classes to their routine is incredible. Now I’m in California doing an exchange, and thanks to the virtual classes I managed to continue. It would be very sad if I had to interrupt these classes that I like so much.

With Centric Learning we learn English in practice, which in my opinion is much better than staying in a classroom listening to the teacher speak and explain the content. My experience doing the projects was great, I gained a lot of knowledge and improved my grammar.

The system provides very light learning. We learn a lot in a natural way, without the pressure of tests. When I made a mistake in a project, the teacher gave me a description of all the points to improve so that I could achieve perfection in the activity, and it worked very well. I learned a lot without stressing myself out.

With that I can conclude that these 2 years were full of learning and growth. I remember when, at the beginning, my mother asked me what I was thinking and I said “I learn English without even realizing it”. Today, I can say that my English is much better, and thanks to Centric Learning I’m able to do my exchange. Here I can communicate very well and understand all the classes. I want to explore the world, and after Centric Learning I will be able to have more opportunities and be able to communicate all over the world.

Júlia Tabosa Guedes 
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