“I feel included and trusted here” by Damian Smith

“The English language, which can be difficult for some people, becomes a fun aspect of studying” by Tiago Cruz
December 19, 2022
“I am intensely interested in Centric Learning because of its project-based and collaborative learning” Felipe Bordalo
December 19, 2022

My name is Damian,I also use Zander so you take your pick. I am an artist and a cosplayer who makes his own props. My current ongoing project is an ax,made out of cardboard. And today I’m going to talk about my school and why and how it’s helped me as a whole. 

I have struggled with a “normal” school where you go in and have tod things on anormal time limit. I Have ADHD and a lot of other things my mind has in it. I went to NilesHighschool. I had a lot of trouble there,I was not able to focus or do work with my mental health and around the same time I began to get sick. I ended up leaving that school due to bullying and death threats. The switch was easy on me and my mom who had helped me move schools at the time. When I first went into the building I was not able to focus however they let me listen to music and take breaks when needed and that helped a lot. I now do work from home and It’s very nice and calming. I can balance work,school, and my mental health.

The website is easy to navigate. At first the website was scary to me as someone who mostly did work on paper but it got better over time. The school helped me make sure I knew what I was doing and helped if I couldn’t find anything. They were sweet when it came to helping. The staff was genuinely caring when I went in person, they would help me when I didn’t know what to do or recommend ,me to do things that would help me out or projects that I could do. 

I was 16 when I started, in 10th grade. I am not a senior,12th grade, and 17,18 in August.The time has flown by surprisingly. Lots has happened such as me moving, getting a job, starting more hobbies and just genuinely enjoying myself. ITs been a hard way to get to where I am for myself but here I am soon to be a graduate at this school. It’s been a nice year for almost two years. 

Overall this school is more of my style. I feel included and trusted here being able to take my time and being able to succeed. I am glad I made the switch to Centric learning through the WAY program. I’d suggest to anyone who needs to be able to go at their own pace or finish school faster. 

Damian Smith
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