“For the first time, I actually felt like I was learning”

“I learned many things that I will carry with me for life”
December 22, 2021
TASA Midwinter Conference: Using PBL to Engage Students & Accelerate Learning
February 9, 2022

Hello, My name is Jania Pruitt I am 17 years old and I am a part of Centric Learning! I am currently a Senior class of ‘22, and aspire to attend college this fall to earn my Bachelors in Science, and Nursing. Overall, my educational goal is to obtain my DNP ( Doctor of Nursing Practice) with a specialization in anesthesia becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.

My favorite subjects are Chemistry and Math. I love to learn so there is no subject I completely do not like, but history could be considered my least favorite subject. During my free time I enjoy journaling, baking, and doing new activities.

During the summer of my junior year of highschool I felt as if senior year was coming so fast. Especially since the majority of my sophomore year, and the whole junior year of high school was online with Cornerstone High School due to COVID. For the summer I worked at my job White Castles near my home, and was able to pick up more hours than typical during the school year. This allowed me to financially support myself due to my weakened support system. Which was great, because I knew there were a lot of things I needed to prepare for. I was at first planning to attend my previous school since I was already enrolled. I went to orientation, and saw that the Idea of just bringing us back to school was not well adjusted. Seeing that even during the meeting a lot of people were not socially distant. My previous school was also in the process of doing a building transition. Overall, it was just hectic. I was not sure I was ready to go back to regular in person learning. I needed something fresh, and would accommodate my needs. That’s when I researched schools near me who at least offered a hybrid schedule.

In september 2021 a week after school typically started I came across WAY Academy. Surprisingly, the school was right up the street from me. I had never heard of it but I definitely liked what I saw. I read of the online format, and how it was hybrid. This seemed perfect, and near. Therefore I enrolled, and was reached out too soon after, to complete the enrollment process. I had no idea this school would be so different.

I was welcomed to WAY Academy, and Centric with open arms. Me, and my mother met with Mr. Hyman for my induction. Which was very different to sit down with an administrator, and get to tell of your goals, and aspirations. Then he exclaimed what centric was, and how it worked. He gave me confidence that I would succeed, and quickly since I came in with a lot of credits already. My first assignment was so informative, and showed me how everything will go!

I have always been a 4.0 student. If you asked me honestly if I remember half the things I learned I would say no, they were memorized for a test. For the first time I actually felt like I was learning, and can retain it forever with project based learning. Everything was explained, I could always contact teachers for help. It was a very good teacher to student ratio. Not only that I did not have to sit in a building, and take unnecessary classes like in standard High School.

The flexibility allowed me to do so much, like pick up more shifts at work. As well as complete my Certified Nursing Assistant program. Im one step into my career field, and done with High School a semester early thanks to Centric!

Jania Pruitt

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