“Centric Learning was essential for my personal and academic life”

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February 9, 2022
Centric Learning Live
March 9, 2022

My name is Vitor Mello, I just graduated from high school last year. However, since I was a child I’ve always been attracted to Social Studies (those who prefer Chemistry to History probably didn’t get it right). Outside the academic environment, I like surfing, working out, watching Marvel movies in loop, and going to the beach with my friends and family.

In 2018, I finished my cycle of studies at Palas school, after 4 years in the same school system. After several conversations with my parents, we came to the conclusion that I would need a more intense teaching methodology and more intense pedagogical support, as I would take the Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio (Enem) in 2021 – the exam that enables admission to college in Brazil -, and then I enrolled at the PH school in 2019. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I could only attend face-to-face classes in the first year of high school and in the third year in a hybrid way, since in the second year of High School (2020), quarantine was more intense, and we did not have face-to-face classes.

In the same year that I enrolled at PH I discovered, with my parents, that the school was in partnership with Centric Learning, in which the classes and the carrying out of projects would take place in the PH building itself. In this way, what made me enroll at Centric Learning was my motivation to go to college in the United States, or do an exchange program in some North American state.

For approximately 3 years studying at Centric Learning, the learning I acquired, carrying out projects, and relating to native American teachers, were essential for my personal and academic training, providing me with moments of fun and dedication, together with friends who participated in the course, and the teachers. Without a doubt, Centric Learning is a school that provides a great qualification, and I hope that one day, my younger brother Rodrigo can also enjoy this program.

Vitor Mello
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