What really happened with the Perron family (Student Showcase)

Final Product (Student Showcase)
November 21, 2022
PEOPLE EVERYWHERE (Student Showcase)
November 21, 2022

The idea behind my final product consisted in giving a general idea based on the research I made about the conjuring movies, specifically the first one, where the history of the Perron family was shown in the big screen at almost every cinema in the world. In the interview, it is possible to identify that after further research, somethings identified during interviews with the Perrons were not shown in the actual movie about what happened. The research was made mostly on interviews with the director of the movie and with the demonologists that inspired the whole history behind it, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Rafael Marchione

Student Product

More Details

Centric Project The Truth is Still out There
Content Area English Language Arts
Teacher Clayton Lovett
School Marista Arquidiocesano
Country Brazil
Year 2022

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