Info on Hurricanes & Hurricane Ian (Student Showcase)

“They truly want what’s best for their students and they work so hard” by Zoe Brevick
October 27, 2022
Home Run Physics (Student Showcase)
November 15, 2022

The idea behind this final product is to show the way news is spread around these days on social media. I had to do different types of articles or information about Hurricane Ian that would be posted on Instagram Stories and the way they would look. To bring attention to situations like this so that people can help if they can and to know what to do during situations like these. The way news is reported is important especially since people are more than ever on social media. Learning how to bring peoples attention to situations with straightforward information.

Keanna Wright

More Details

Centric Project Politics & Media
Content Area Social Studies
Teacher Alecia Hickman
School WAY Watervliet
Country United States
Year 2022

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