Cancel Culture (Student Showcase)

Infographics about the Branches of Government (Student Showcase)
November 3, 2021
Economy in Crisis (Student Showcase)
November 3, 2021

At this project, we studied the cultural phenomenon known as Cancel Culture, a term that became very popular recently. Our goal was to o determine the effectiveness of cancel culture and its impact on society’s history and moral values. At our Final Product we presented a solution on how to continue or end the cancel culture movement. This presentation can be interesting for everyone, people who already know cancel culture and people who don’t known cancel culture.

Enzo Garcia

Student Product

Visit website: https://create.piktochart.com/output/51343379-enzo-garcia-cancel-culture-fp

More Details

Centric Project Cancel Culture
Content Area Social Studies
Teacher Brenno Sartorio
School pH Icaraí
Country Brazil


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