Beauty in Video Games (Student Showcase)

Mustang Connect The Dots (Student Showcase)
November 30, 2021
Compare/Contrast Essay (Student Showcase)
November 30, 2021

I had to make a game trailer so I made a video on the game Forza horizon 5 and its was really good.

Gavin Banks

Student Product

Visit the website here: https://m1o1cf.a2cdn1.secureserver.net/wp-content/uploads/gravity_forms/10-96a5e80f8b1e590a44a6d7afa8367410/2021/11/Forza_Horizon_5.mp4/

More Details

Centric Project Beauty in Video Games
Content Area English Language Arts
Teacher Michelle Hucal
School Centric Learning Academy (Online)
Country United States

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