We take the planning out of HB 4545

Our tutoring solution is designed for students who are academically struggling, want to increase their ACT or SAT scores, or want to accelerate their learning.


Live online tutoring sessions are provided by certified tutors in small groups of 3 to 5 students or in one-on-one sessions to deliver focused assistance.

Research has shown that tutoring has a significant impact on increasing content knowledge, standardized test scores, and overall GPA. Additionally, our tutoring solution can be bundled with any of our other learning solutions.

More Info
  • 30, 45, or 60 minute online, on-demand, live tutoring sessions
  • Highly qualified and certified tutors
  • Supports assessment-based & project-based learning curriculum
  • Core subject area specialties (Math, Science, English, & Social Studies)
  • Our tutoring program is effective and proven to assist in credit recovery & advancement to graduation

Frequently Asked Questions

1Our school is presently using other platforms or Learning Management Systems, can the Centric Learning platform be integrated to support and enhance what we’re doing?
  • Yes. The versatile Centric Learning platform can be easily and seamlessly used in conjunction with other platforms, tools, or apps. No need to abandon what is currently in use.
  • The CL platform can also exchange student information, export data, generate robust reports on student progress, and much more.
  • We streamline the process of exchanging data and implementation with Clever integration, your conduit between different systems.
  • We also offer development of specific API integration with a wide range of tools.
2How will the Centric Learning platform be implemented and launched?
  • Your dedicated Centric Learning success teams will provide onsite training and ongoing support to advise and work with leadership, teachers, and administrators.
  • A turn key experience, including loading all student demographics, incorporating all required modules, Synchronous and Asynchronous training, Centric Learning platform demos, Zoom video meetings, and more.
3How can Centric Learning help us comply with HB-4545 requirements?
  • We can help you check all the boxes. Our dynamic project-based learning platform, certified and highly skilled teachers, and powerful customizable solutions from high impact tutoring, to engaging summer success and after school and 21st century programs are proven to accelerate learning.
  • Centric Learning is TEA vetted and aligned with TEKS
  • From documentation of the required 30 hours of accelerated learning to ensuring completion of consent forms and certificates of compliance, we’ve got you covered. Click here to learn more.
4What is the pricing structure for tutoring and group learning?
  • 1 student $40.00 / session
  • 2 students $45.00 / session
  • 3 students $50.00 / session
  • 4 students $55.00 / session
  • 5 students $60.00 / session
Group learning can be customized based on district need and budget
5How will Centric Learning assist our district with the push for summer school, graduation and EOC assessments?
  • For over a decade Centric Learning has been serving students around the world with an unsurpassed learning platform that integrates curriculum with assessment, communication tools, and learning resources to accelerate and engage.
  • A proven system with competence and project-based learning that allows students to progress by mastering learning standards in their courses all while following their passions.
  • Student-driven (Asynchronous) and teacher-supported (Synchronous) classes.
  • Over 100 certified and highly trained teachers at the ready to provide high quality instructional support and assistance.