Occupational Course Team Teaching

Collaborative online teaching between the special needs teacher and a highly qualified online teacher who serves to tailor curriculum and learning, based on the student's unique needs utilizing our engaging project-based learning. Your school can benefit from 100% of federal funding as we ensure all of your students have a highly qualified teacher in every subject area.

  • Students take a Centric Learning assessment or placement review, which may provide partial credit
  • A counselor or mentor (provided by Centric Learning or your school) assists students in designing the shortest pathway to credit attainment accelerating the process by 50% or more
  • A mentor and tutor (ours or yours) assist the student to maintain focus on their journey. This support system is instrumental to increasing the acceleration process and has proven to be a success for the WAY Academies
  • We also offer staff training and professional development to equip them with the effective tools required to better serve students

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