Occupational Course Team Teaching

Collaborative online teaching between the special needs teacher and a highly qualified online teacher who serves to tailor curriculum and learning, based on the student's unique needs utilizing our engaging project-based learning. Your school can benefit from 100% of federal funding as we ensure all of your students have a highly qualified teacher in every subject area.

  • Special Education teacher takes the lead and updates highly qualified teacher on student needs
  • Highly qualified teacher & Special Education teacher update daily log on student’s needs and how they are doing
  • Classes can be Online teacher live sessions (synchronous) or Online Learning Advantage (asynchronous)
  • Online Learning Advantage classes > teachers post announcement of instruction on daily basis
  • Highly qualified teacher evaluates work in 48 hours
  • Highly qualified provides supplemental materials based on student needs
  • Success coach to help with communication between highly qualified and Special Education teacher
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