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Prepare for COVID-19

Schools across the U.S are preparing to take their courses online in response to COVID-19, or coronavirus. At Centric Learning, we take this seriously and we are committed to helping schools transition to online learning for a short or long period of time. Join our upcoming webinar to learn how to support students during school closures and how to create quality online instruction.

PBL & Online Learning

Project-based learning is already widely adopted in traditional face-to-face classrooms. With online and blended learning, the flexibility of time and student-centered approach can fit perfectly with project-based learning. In this webinar, learn how to use PBL instruction in online and blended learning classrooms. Hear about real-life projects, online public audiences, and online group work.

Best Practices for Standards-Based Grading

As schools work to make grading meaningful, the movement to adopt a standard-based grading system is gaining momentum. Learn about the best practices for prioritizing the most essential standards, connecting learning experiences to outcomes, and ensuring all students can reach mastery.

Student Collaboration in Online PBL

Collaboration and communication are key skills taught through project-based learning. In an online setting, it’s crucial to create a strong learning community that engages students in working together as peers. Learn about how to design projects that ask students to give online feedback, work in small groups online, and other strategies for online collaboration.

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