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Project-based learning forms the instructional basis upon which our teaching and learning tools have been developed. Centric Learning Professional Services was built for teachers and administrators who want to learn more about how to use project-based learning in the classroom, or how to develop and enhance their own PBL curriculum.

February 4, 2021

Fast Forward: Is it time for project-based curriculum to replace traditional model?

This is part of a series on the cultural and technological shifts impacting education.  This article discusses how the pandemic has forced educators to use additional strategies to engage students during remote learning.  A number of educators have turned to project-based and active learning strategies to maintain a high level of student interested and engagement.  The primary question raised was, can educators return to traditional pedagogical strategies post-pandemic? Is it […]
February 2, 2021

A step-by-step guide to project-based learning

This short overview provides a simplistic step-by-step strategy to develop and implement project-based learning (PBL). Those steps include: 1. Define the goal 2. Choosing a specific problem 3. Plan and facilitate the process 4. Demonstration time 5. Reflection Although implementing PBL is much more involved than these beginning steps, they can serve as an excellent starting framework. The article does mentioned that one of the most important aspects of PBL […]
February 2, 2021

Project Based Learning: Start Here

This article is an excellent resource and reference guide for the educators who is interested in integrating problem-based learning into their classroom and curriculum.  Links are provided to premier project-based learners non-profits who have a wealth of knowledge about PBL strategies and implementation. Great starting point for novice and veteran educators. Caesar Mickens Jr, Director of Professional Learning and Innovation This article was first published on Cult of Pedagogy. Our […]
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