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November 18, 2020
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September 28, 2021
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Centric Learning Academy

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Transforming the online experience

Our award-winning project-based learning curriculum is at the core of our success! Centric Learning Academy is an accredited, private, online school that serves grades 3-12 and awards students an accredited middle or high school diploma.

We offer a personalized learning experience for students, utilizing an innovative approach to education using current technology and project-based learning in alignment with nationally recognized content standards. Our online curriculum promotes 21st century skills, like self-esteem, independence and more.


Learn more. Anywhere. Anytime

Enroll now and enjoy our benefits:

  • Trust in a program that was truly designed for online learning
  • A program that emphasizes collaboration, teamwork, and real engagement
  • We will work with you to meet the specific needs of your child

See what we offer:

  • Project-Based curriculum in all subjects, to bring learning to life
  • Real-world application of learning to prepare students for real-world life
  • Students encounter an approach to what they will face in college
  • Engaging face-to-face live online classes from 1-3 hours per day
  • 24-7 access to our award-winning curriculum and learning platform
  • Innovative competency-based feedback system, empowering students to be at the center of their learning
  • Academic mentoring and private tutoring to make sure your child is supported outside of class time

Tuition Terms and Conditions

Tuition Terms and Conditions

Centric Learning Academy is a tuition-based private school, where the student’s family is responsible for all payment. Below outlines the terms and conditions of the tuition subscription.

Payment Process

Payments can by initially made through the Centric Learning Academy website using the ‘Stripe’ online payment option. Subsequent monthly invoices will be automatically sent through Stripe and provide a link to complete payment online.

Monthly Subscription

Centric Learning Academy offers a subscription-based tuition payment plan, where each semester’s full tuition is divided into monthly payments. Payments will be automatically invoiced or charged based upon the date of enrollment.

Minimum Duration of Services

Upon enrollment in Centric Learning Academy, the payee agrees to pay the monthly tuition fee for a full (4-month) semester. Upon the end of the semester, the subscription will automatically renew unless the student’s enrollment is discontinued.

Notification of Discontinuing Enrollment

The payee must notify Centric Academy of a student’s un-enrollment from the school within 3 weeks of the semester’s end. This notification must be sent in writing via email or letter to the school administrator and signed by the payee.


If the payee decides to not enroll in Centric Learning Academy upon first payment, they may submit a refund request via email within 14 days of payment.

Additional information
Monthly Tuition

Centric Learning Academy tuition is charged on a monthly basis.

Grade Level

Elementary (2-5), Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12)

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