Introducing Beyond the Classroom: Tom Watkins

Introducing Beyond the Classroom: Ron Stefanski
February 17, 2021
Maria Topliff talks about virtual learning and the future of education
March 5, 2021

Beyond the Classroom is Centric Learning’s podcast, where we discuss ways to engage students differently to prepare them for life in the 5G connected wired world of the 21st Century workforce. Our talks with guest speakers discuss overcoming learning loss, accelerating learning and re-engaging students by giving them agency over their own learning. This includes Centric Learning best practices using a Project-based Learning instructional model.

Tom Watkins, Centric Learning consultant to China, talked about the program, which he hosts:

This is a podcast where we talk to some of the best and brightest that are looking at ways to educate children outside the four walls of the classroom in this new covert environment. You know, education is tough, even in the best of times and, certainly, this past year hasn’t been the best of time for education. So turn tune in to Beyond the Classroom and listen to some of the best and brightest talk about ways that they are front-loading the excitement of learning for our kids.

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