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Beyond the Classroom is Centric Learning’s podcast, where we discuss ways to engage students differently to prepare them for life in the 5G connected wired world of the 21st Century workforce.

Beyond the Classroom

At Beyond the Classroom we bring guests with a well established background in education to discuss overcoming learning loss, accelerating learning and re-engaging students by giving them agency over their own learning. This includes Centric Learning best practices using a Project-based Learning instructional model.

Watch our host Tom Watkins present Beyond the Classroom on the video to learn more.


July 1, 2021

#06 – Empowering Students to Design their own Future

Students should be able to design their own futures, but that takes systemic change. These are big challenges and questions for Beyond the Classroom with host Tom Watkins and guest Marcy Raymond.   In moving education forward, how much does the system empower students to become successful citizens? Students should be able to design their own futures, but that takes systemic change. These are big challenges and questions for Beyond the Classroom with host […]
June 3, 2021

#05 – Looking at the Past, Present and Future of Higher Education

One challenge in higher education today that grows more of a barrier to education every year is the cost, and minorities and under-served areas of communities are disproportionately missing out on higher education opportunities.   Dr. James Smith is the 23rd President of East Michigan University. Dr. Smith’s education focus is on EMU students’ futures, not the past, because what they do in life with that education experience will make […]
May 6, 2021

#04 – Rethinking What’s Normal in Education

With the knowledge that some kids need additional education support and that many kids learn differently, now is the time to rethink education for future success.   In terms of the COVID-19 pandemic, an often-discussed notion is getting things back to normal. But in children’s education, what if normal was never good enough? What if, along with this pandemic, comes an opportunity to create a better normal? Technology and other […]
April 23, 2021

#03 – Educational Reform in a Post-Pandemic World

Dave Strudwick has a career of working on subjects like learning reform and project-based education across four continents, before coming into his current leadership role at REAL School in Budapest, Hungary.   Although no one can argue that the COVID-19 pandemic has set back education and student learning for months, if not years, there is still some good that has come out of our current situation. Now, educators better understand […]
March 29, 2021

#02 – Why Getting “Back To Normal” Isn’t Enough For Education

Some leaders, like Caesar Mickens Jr., the Director of Professional Learning and Innovation with Centric Learning, are hoping leaders realize that simply getting back to normal isn’t acceptable.   There has been a mantra of sort that has pushed leaders in all industries forward during the difficult moments of the COVID-19 pandemic: Back to normal. That has extended to the field of education, where getting kids back into the classroom […]
March 11, 2021

#01 – Transforming The Future Of Education Through Student Engagement And Personalized Learning

In the inaugural episode of Beyond the Classroom, Beth Baker and Glen Taylor talk about the beginnings of Centric Learning and their challenges and experiences since.   As the world continues to wage a war against the coronavirus, American students struggle to keep up with their lessons and maintain a quality education. Although there are many teachers putting in their utmost effort to uplift their students, the fact is that […]
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