Student Showcase

Making An Impact

Project-based learning helps students go beyond the classroom. By engaging in real life situations and problems, sharing these projects publicly can make an impact on their communities and to the world.

November 21, 2022

The Branches of the United States of America’s Government (Student Showcase)

Basically, the main idea behind my composition was to summarize the different aspects and peculiarities of the USA’s branches of government, while still keeping a modest and simple format in order to facilitate its overall comprehension. Therefore, if you are looking for an intuitive way to see our beloved governmental system, then this is certainly the project for you. Gabriel Nikolaus Jann
November 21, 2022

On Another Point of View (Student Showcase)

The idea of this project was to rewrite a chapter of a book from another character’s perspective. I chose to rewrite the chapter 4 from the book “Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe” on Dante’s perspective. We also had to do a compare and contrast between the original version and mine version. I think this project was very fun to do and people that already read the […]
November 21, 2022

The bombastic impact of new technologies (Student Showcase)

It is an essay about the impacts of nuclear technologies through the history, specially during world war 2. I think that it has a reflexive thought about human instincts and how power can consume people sometimes. Fernanda Vargas
November 21, 2022

PEOPLE EVERYWHERE (Student Showcase)

November 21, 2022

What really happened with the Perron family (Student Showcase)

The idea behind my final product consisted in giving a general idea based on the research I made about the conjuring movies, specifically the first one, where the history of the Perron family was shown in the big screen at almost every cinema in the world. In the interview, it is possible to identify that after further research, somethings identified during interviews with the Perrons were not shown in the […]
November 21, 2022

Final Product (Student Showcase)

In my final product, I showed a piece of the US history. Luiza Mattos
November 21, 2022

Norway and Germany (Student Showcase)

The ideia behind my final product is showing people the comparison between Germany and Norway. Gabriel Damous Dracxler
November 21, 2022

Maria’s bookbinding (Student Showcase)

In this product, I am presenting how you can be finnacially independent by creating your own bussiness. It is a detailed description about my professional profile describing my intended audience, my spendings and my goals in a near future. Even though it is only on paper, it is ready to put in action. Maria Mariana de Araujo
November 21, 2022

Antifederalist or Federalist (Student Showcase)

it talks about if I’m on the federalist party or the antifederalist. Joshua Kramer
November 17, 2022

Helping Lake Erie (Student Showcase)

My final product is an idea on how we can help the lake erie fertilizer problem. my goal was to spread info about the problem with over fertilization in lake erie. people should listen to the idea because lake erie has lots of problems because of fertilizer killing the ecosystem Joshua Feldt
November 16, 2022

A Short Story (Student Showcase)

I had to write a short story so I wrote about a world where everyone has a soulmate connected to them by a string. In this world this group of teens find a dead body in the woods. Kristen York Houck
November 16, 2022

Cats – The Paper (Student Showcase)

This final product is to make people learn something and also it’s about cats who wouldn’t want to read, It’s a paper about cats and their appearance, habitat and what they eat. Also I wanted to add my favorite cats but also make it informational, and I think I did that very well. Jackson Ballew
November 15, 2022

Derecho damages (Student Showcase)

I wanted to portray happiness and that we can fix these problems of natural hazards. i think other people should read my infographic because it is very informational Sydney Morrow
November 15, 2022

Water Dog (Student Showcase)

you should read my project because you should. my goals were to make something scary but short,something that grips your throat and has you clawing your way out,but no matter how hard you try you can’t move or breathe,just on the edge of death,unable to cross it no matter how hard you try. suffering a never ending loop of tarnish. Jerri Hess
November 15, 2022

Home Run Physics (Student Showcase)

It is a video on how force, mass, gravity and weight work together to make baseball the way it is. My goals were to make an awesome video that people would enjoy it when watching it. People should watch it because it is saying all the cool science behind baseball and I feel that if people like baseball and they learn the science behind it, then they might even like […]
November 15, 2022

Info on Hurricanes & Hurricane Ian (Student Showcase)

The idea behind this final product is to show the way news is spread around these days on social media. I had to do different types of articles or information about Hurricane Ian that would be posted on Instagram Stories and the way they would look. To bring attention to situations like this so that people can help if they can and to know what to do during situations like […]
December 6, 2021

Article, Turkey wildfire Crisis (Student Showcase)

The idea of my final project was to be able to do a text that describe the current situation in the wildfires in Turkey, so I made an article about these topic, people should be alert for current world events, to update themselves about what is happening Daniela Ito
December 2, 2021

Be Your Own Boss (Student Showcase)

This final product is about being your own boss. It helps people to understand what it takes to be their own boss, like the qualities that the person need, the dificulties, advantages and disadvantages. People should read it, because it helps the person to have some guidance in starting their own business. Letícia Veloso
December 2, 2021

Beauty and capitalism (Student Showcase)

The project’s proposal was to prepare a letter with the aim of exposing, based on what was worked and discussed throughout the project, the main guidelines and the respective perspectives on the submission of aesthetics with the standards imposed on capitalism. Based on this, it is understood that this is a project that addresses an important and very recurrent theme these days, and reflection on the causes and consequences in […]
December 2, 2021

What’s your worst nightmare? (Student Showcase)

The main goal was to write a horror story, but in an innovating way, so I added a little bit of fantasy (a genre that I really enjoy reading). In this extent, the story is more interesting and compelling. Tayna Nascimento
December 2, 2021

The consequences of bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (Student Showcase)

Project participants Anna Ney, Luiza Belo Pedroso, Luca Carvalho Caritato, Maria Fernanda Lund Fernandes, Isabel Lehn Arrais, Pedro Lund Fernandes and Kalani Carvalho