Learn your way online anytime, anywhere

Centric Learning Online offers students the flexibility of working anytime, anywhere through our fully online program. Students can take any number of courses in Elementary, Middle School, and High School utilizing our project-based, standards-driven, accredited curriculum.


Study online at home and earn credits you need for your school.

Centric Learning Online can help students who wish to avoid public health concerns and study from home. Courses can be joined and completed at any time, even during a semester or the summer!


With our online program:

  • Projects are tailored to individual needs;
  • Courses are flexible – start and finish anytime;
  • Work at a pace suitable for you;
  • One-on-one mentoring from a certified teacher.
  • At Centric Learning Online we believe everyone has a unique way of learning and listening to you will help us tailor your journey.

Recover credits you need for your high school completion

Centric Learning Online is designed to help students who have had setbacks and have fallen behind in credits. Courses can be joined and completed at any time, even the summer!

The pace of learning can be tailored to different needs. We don’t all learn in the same way as each other and some subjects come more naturally to us. We check in with students to ensure this is working well.

Get on track and get ahead with Centric Learning Summer School programs

Centric Learning Online is a great opportunity over the summer to get ahead, get back on track or explore electives to start the next school year stronger.

Whether you’re already enrolled in a full-time public or private school, enrolling in our summer program is a great way to take advantage of the summer months to supplement your education. Centric Learning Online has options for students in grades 6–12 that can fit your needs.

  • Stay on track with credit recovery in key subject areas with our project-based learning design. These courses use new approaches to learn important concepts, allowing you to move ahead with the skills you’ve already mastered. Plus, most courses are ELL-supported.
  • Transition from middle to high school with summer classes in math, science, English, and electives.
  • Move further ahead and advance in a core subject area, elective or a world language.
  • Take advantage of career-building opportunities or career development and technology.
  • Be motivated with personal enrichment offerings, including health, lifestyle skills and more!

Enroll Now

  • Choose from over 100 courses
  • Engaging project based curriculum
  • Access to supportive teachers via email, chat, and office hours
  • Monthly progress reports and semester report cards
  • Personalized student and parent onboarding
  • Fully accredited courses
  • Transcript provided each semester

Middle School Courses


High School Courses

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