TASA Midwinter Conference: Using PBL to Engage Students & Accelerate Learning

“For the first time, I actually felt like I was learning”
January 27, 2022
“Centric Learning was essential for my personal and academic life”
March 3, 2022

Here you can find the full video of the panel “Using PBL to Engage Students & Accelerate Learning”, which happened during the TASA Midwinter Conference on February 1st, 2022.

A panel and audience discussion on PBL strategies to accelerate student learning. Panelists included: Beth Baker (Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Centric Learning), Pam Celestain (Educational consultant), Heather Winter (teacher with the WAY Program – non-profit organization), and Richard Klemm (Executive Director of WAY). Facilitated by Dr. Caesar Mickens Jr. (lifetime educator).

An interactive discussion designed to allow the panelists to share experiences with students and the implementation of instructional PBL strategies to engage students and accelerate learning. Panelists and the audience also shared many unique strategies and stories during the session.

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