Live event: Educational Jeopardy with Centric Learning on April 8th

Competency-based assessments to help students accelerate their learning
March 31, 2021
Making Project-Based Learning Inclusive in a Hybrid Setting
April 6, 2021
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Are we saying that education is in jeopardy? Not at all.  But we are saying that transformation is at hand, and what’s working in the classroom is a key topic for educators.  Project based learning is clearly working for us at Centric Learning.  Along with competency based assessments, and so much more.  

Join us and the team at Centric for a fun hour of exploring project-based learning, how to turn learning loss into learning gains with students, and how to engage students in personalized, authentic learning experiences.   

Welcome to Education Jeopardy– the game where everyone who is passionate about putting students first and accelerating learning wins! 

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