March 16, 2021

Why Project Based Learning

Dr. Caesar Mickens Jr, our Director of Professional Learning and Innovation, talks about why Project-Based Learninng is so important for the present and the future of education. I work with school districts around the country, urban school districts, rural school districts… I’m currently working with quite a few of them and what I found by looking at the data is that over two-thirds of the students in many of these […]
March 5, 2021

Maria Topliff talks about virtual learning and the future of education

Our Director of Instruction and Curriculum, Maria Topliff, was invited to talk about the future of education in the US at The Prospecting Show podcast, with Dr. Connor Robertson from Syntacz. In the podcast, Connor interviews small business owners, sales people and health professionals who excel in their field. The goal is to showcase the talents of people around the world who excel at what they do. Listen to the […]
February 16, 2021

The power of online learning

Maria Topliff, our Director of Instruction and Curriculum, talks about the power of online learning, and how it can offer great opportunities for students and teachers when done right. First of all, I have an amazing group of instructors here at Centric. Our teachers really have the students’ best interests at the center of everything. Not only academically, but also emotionally. It is our goal to truly reach out and […]
January 12, 2021

Opinion | Michigan, act like a 2-year-old: Continuously ask, ‘Why?’

This article by Tom Watkins, Centric Learning’s Educational Advisor to China, was first published at Bridge Michigan. We made it through 2020. Onward to 2021. We can take pride in Governor Whitmer’s leadership adapting to the unpredictable chaos that COVID-19 wrought on our state.  Our governor played a pivotal leadership role in forging change in spite of a divided partisan legislature that often acted without any federal support, guidance or planning.  Let’s face […]
December 16, 2020

Ron J. Stefanski talks to EdNews about Centric Learning

This interview was conducted by Jimmy Kilpatrick and published first on Education News. EdNews was pleased to catch up with Ron J. Stefanski to learn more about his focus during this global pandemic, which has sent a tsunami wave across our education system. Ron is currently executive director of sales, marketing and business development for Centric Learning and has been a thought leader in education for the past two decades. He […]
December 10, 2020

Quality online learning is possible

This article by Tom Watkins, Centric Learning’s Educational Advisor to China, was first published at The Detroit News. During this COVID-19 pandemic, children have been forced into remote learning. What has followed are parents pulling their hair out, kids who are bored and education faltering. There is a lot of finger-pointing among parents, policymakers, local school boards and superintendents about e-learning not delivering the education our children need and deserve. […]
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